Losing our stories: how today’s storytelling is breaking us down.

Storytelling has been a part of our cultural, our society for centuries. Humans have used storytelling platforms to pass on their history, to entertain, to share and to connect. From the very beginning  we have used our skills to tell stories to better ourselves as a race, this incredible human race. The act of weaving, creating, building and dictating stories is built into our core. It is in our bones, made up in our blood and is an important part of who we are.

Graceless beauty

Instinctively we desire stories. No matter how much we change and grow as a society, we crave the connection that a good story brings. We want to share ours, hear others, watch new ones and read deep ones. We simply crave the existence of well developed characters, amplified dialogue and fulfilling plot. Just think of how amazing you feel after a good book or at the end of an incredible movie? We still need our stories. It simply creates the people we become.

Our primal connection to ‘the stories’ has lessened as we have ‘grown’ as a society.  Our world is expanding and we are becoming more technology based. Science has taken us so far. It has developed our world into something almost unbelievable.  But with technology, come less attachment to one another, and nothing can replace that. Human connection, a key ingredient the fulfillment of storytelling. We have moved so away from shared fire pits while communities circle together sharing stories and learning from one another. We have lost that primal need to be near each other creating and learning.

We have become a world that simply swallows our stories whole. We eat them up, without sharing. We are creating story indigestion. Pain travels up and we gulp it all down.  We sit solo on our computers and read article after article telling us what we should think, who we should be and how we should live. We circle around giant screens and watch dramatic depictions of the terrible depths the human race has gone. We watch, hear and read about the hatred, anger and persecution that surrounds us. We take it all in, without realizing where, what, who and why it has been sent here. We lose the connection to the purpose, to what it was meant to teach us.


We crave storytelling so strongly that we still create our own stories. But since we are so over stimulated by obtrude and over processed tales, we are slowly losing our ability to creatively weave stories that better us and our lovely roommates on this beautiful earth. So instead we degrade each other. Create dramatic stories that belittle one another. We gossip. We judge, point fingers and blame. We displace our own confusion and dysfunctional emotions on to our fellow humans. We are so disconnected that instead of weaving tales of love, growth and emotional acceptance of who we are we break each other apart.

We tearing each other down hoping to find the missing piece that is lost in our own soul. But my friends, we will not find that gem in the rubble of our broken spirits. The answer lies in us. In our stories. Our ability to creatively weave them into channels of knowledge and growth.  We listen, we love, we create. We build each other up and learn from one another. This journey is shared one. We need each other.


Today’s problems would disappear if we talked TO each other instead of ABOUT each other.


See the sun light today my friends. Feel the warmth. Grow your branches out and lift each other while you do so. Live tall, love strong and lift each other up.


A closet full of joy

I posted a picture earlier today.
The picture below.
My beautiful girls dressed in their own creations.

Charlotte in her favourite tee shirt. A cute tee with a picture of people carrying umbrellas in the rain. It is embellished with some gold and silver glitter. She matched it with a pair of stretchy jeans and a tutu. She wanted her hair to be up, with clips in it.

Chloe found a pair of pink tights and her ‘sun’ tee shirt. It is her favourite. She says it looks like the sun and summer. She was insistent she wanted her hair down with a head band. The way her hair was naturally falling was flipped out. It resembled a vintage hair style. She had a very 60’s style to her today.

I asked my girls why they chose these outfits. They simply told me it was their favourite stuff and they liked it.
It made them happy.

I was thinking about it all day.

I want to dress like that.

A tee shirt that reminds me of summer.
Colourful skirts because they make me feel like a princess.
My favourite stuff on, just to make me happy.

Simply dress in a way that produces pure joy!

My girls didn’t think about if what they chose was the most stylish choice or did they worry about their outfits ability to flatter their bodies. They don’t think like that. Their minds are too pure. They have not been jaded yet by our society and its obsession on negative body image. They are not yet trying to maintain the impossibly high standards set for woman.
They only know how they feel and act on it accordingly.
Innocent and pure.

Oh, To feel that freedom of choice.
To know that lightness.
To have the monkey off our backs.
You know that monkey, that nagging presence telling us we are not good enough
How exhilarating that must be!

I want that freedom. To be able to own my choices and act purely and innocently.

“If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies. . . . It would be a sad situation if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped inside it.”
-Albert Einstein

Much love,