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My name is Jessica, and I founded ‘mama confessionals’. Mama confessionals was created on a feeling. A feeling of disconnect. A desire to feel as a part of a whole. I knew as a new mom I needed a space where I could come and know I was not alone on my journey. I wanted to feel and hear the other foot soldiers of motherhood. I wanted a space where my words were heard and someone would understand. I had a strong desired to hear ‘I know, me too!’ I needed a space to come online and find endurance, hope and connection. I wanted to be able to join together with marvellous women who fight their own battles everyday, to share our power and wisdom.


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Three years ago, I was brutally introduced to motherhood. In January of 2010, I gave birth to identical twin girls. Chloe and Charlotte. The ladies, as I like to call them. I was not ready for them. I thought I was, but no one could have prepared me for twin infancy. It was beautiful, scary and far too revealing. This organic and honest version of myself came bubbling to the surface and she scared me. My chance at perfectionism was thrown away and my raw core was revealed, like an open wound. I was scared and felt extremely disconnected, so I began to blog. I took my long standing love for writing and began to share my words. I began to receive response from women I knew. They appreciated my thoughts, and felt the same way. Knowing that my words were being heard and other felt like me made my heart sing. I felt part of community and my desire to feel connected was being satisfied. My ladies grew and things changed, not always easier but they changed. Infancy lead way to toddlers and we found a groove that worked for us (somedays). When my girls were about to turn 2 years old, I found out I was pregnant. From the beginning, I knew this baby was something special. He scared us a few times, but was persistent. He needed to be here, with us. In July of 2012, Canton was born. His sisters have lovingly named him Canty-boy. I am now the mama of three wildly amazing children. They smell of lavender, have hilarious one liners, smile like the whole world is looking and sometime drive their mama crazy. Somedays it hard. Really hard. But then they fall asleep and I watch able to watch their little chest rise up and down, they soft blond hair falling haphazardly all over their pillow, and their tiny fingers gripping their favorite naptime stuffy, and I know I am powerful. Their beauty is always prevalent, but in those moments of pure mama joy, I know I am beautiful and strong. I know I can do this. The moments of fear are shadowed by the light that is our beauty. Our family is complete and I have since found my groove. I know that other mama’s feel similar to me. Desiring more connection, searching for a space to feel the power of ‘mama army’. This is that space, filled with honest, truth and light for the powerful and ever changing mama. Here is where we meet, to create beautiful light. To be powerful together and use our common experiences to flourish and simply be the best possible woman!


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  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog, and it’s lovely. Great honesty, great poetry. I’m wondering if you might be interested in contributing something to our Anthology about motherhood? I can’t see a way to contact you directly, but please feel free to drop me a line at kasia_oz (at) hotmail.com. We’d love to have you on board! 🙂

  2. Hi Jessica
    I was new to blogging last year and I guess I have explored hundreds of different blogs about books – writing them and reading them – over the year. That’s a lot of reading. You too have read my blog, in its first year, when I was finding my way. So as a big THANK YOU for your support, I’d like to nominate you for four awards:-
    The Versatile Blogger Award
    The Most Creative Blogger Award
    The Most Influential Blogger
    The Reader Appreciation Award
    Please click below to read more about the award:-
    Please accept this message as a gesture of gratitude. There are no rules with this award but it is nice to pass them along to other bloggers whose writing you enjoy!
    Many thanks, and Happy Blogging in 2014.

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