Meant for you and I

We need each other you and me.

These words were meant for you to read. This lesson meant for us to learn, together.

You and I.

Each day we wake up. Lucky to have that first breath. Blessed to know that right now we own the moment. And we can choose how to live it. Each moment we choose. Each moment we breath in and out, we make choices on how to be, on what person we want to become. With each breath, we make choices on how to live.

Sometimes we rock it, we commit and live fully. Some moments we get lost. We disappear in our ego, in our downfalls, in our darkness. And we forget.  Forget to be there for each other, to be there for ourselves.

In moments like that we have lost our stepping. Forget about the golden road to wizard dreams. We lose the way and mistake disorientation with adulting. Darkness with maturity and selfishness with responsibility.

We lose wonder. We lose laughter. Belly aching, deep feeling giggles. We lose joy. We lose compassion. We lose our sparkle, amidst the desire to achieve. We lose our imperfect beauty, what makes us real by trying to mimic perfection.

but is always better?

When we strive so hard in a culture that rewards success in material passions, are we losing our soul connections while gaining momentum?

Are we floating ions with no connection?

We can travel along this path, this drifting solo cloud for so long that we forget. Forget what it is like to feel the hands of another wrapped in your own. Fingers intertwined and laced together.

With no warning at all, those moments arise and the knock the wind right out of you.  moments that pull us back down to the loving circle of the human race. Moments of shared compassion and love. That show us softness can be strong. And being open does not always mean we are vulnerable.

Our own realities can plague us. Trouble us with worry. Keeping us in the goldfish bowl of our lives.  But then, bam. We feel something. We are reminded.

Yesterday my beautful, soft, and hilarious friend Stephanie (  knocked on my door. She held in her hands a gorgeous bouquet of  yellow and pink carnations. She told me they were for me. That earlier that week another spectacular human being, our friend Nina had came by stephanie’s house and gave her flowers for no reason at all, simply out of love. Stephanie decided to do the same. To bring someone flowers, simply because. They rocked it, Nina and Stephanie.

I was honored, blessed and overjoyed she stopped by. Stephanie’s year has been an insane roller coaster of events that no one would ever want to have to go through.  But in all of that Stephanie has stayed honest to herself and her family. She has handled everything with all the grace she was given and is a woman and mother I admire.

Her world is upside down but she smiles at me with her pure beauty and hands me the flowers. We joke, we hug and take 5 minutes to be just two women who love each other and support each other no matter what.

Stephanie’s act changed my outlook on that sunday afternoon.

She reminded me that we are here to anchor each other. No grand gestures needed. Simply love and compassion. While we stay holding hands, our own individual traits keep us whole. Our own special skills allow us to be the puzzle piece that our village needs.

The act of paying it forward (started by Nina and maintained by Stephanie) showed me that we are always here for one another. That is a simple ‘I thought of you’ can change your whole perspective. I realized that stephanie, that nina took that moment to make a choice that snowballed into so much love. They made a choice to reconnect to the circle, to hold hands and invite me back in.

So with visions of yellow carnations in my mind, I am making a choice to be filled with love. And I am sending compassion out to you. Because we all need to hear that we are loved.

You are special. Everything about you makes you perfect in beautiful imperfection.

Remember that.  Today of all days. Remember how amazing you are.



Yellow carnation, 

rays through the kitchen window

shine out the darkness


Much love,