The running cow

Have you seen a cow run?

Like really running. Gangling body flailing, legs moving fast. A body not meant to move with the wind. A black and white blur through the field. Pushing its self hard towards its goal destination.  A cow on a mission.

If you haven’t, you are missing out. It is a spectacular sight to be seen.

This week on my way to Carleton Place, music blaring to drown out the chaos in my head. I was feeling a little anxious, a little off kilter as I do most mornings after getting my kids off to school. The rush can really pull me down into a pit of anxious mom despair.  A place where I doubt my general ability to adult, let alone raise humans.

I had just dropped the kids off and was driving to CP to accomplish one of my many tasks on my to do list. Driving down the highway, the sun streaming directly in my windshield, I was feeling fast. Moving fast and setting the trend for the day.

Just as I took a deep breath in, trying to slow my spirit down, I happened to look out into the field to my right and saw it.  A Holstein running along the fence.

To some of you this may not be very exciting. To the farmers who read this, you may think I am crazy for finding so much joy in a running cow. But my friends, I did. I found an enormous amount of joy.

I smiled. A big goofy smile. as I watched that awkward cow run its sweet little heart out. I smiled huge. Thinking that for whatever reason, that spotted farm animal decided to prance its way along, and I got to see it.

I got to witness it. See the joy in something so awkwardly simple and potentially normal. I got to see the beauty in that bovine. Its oafish dash along the beautiful lanark county farm field.

I loved it. I felt honored to have shared that moment. It made me smile. And it made me think. It made me reevaluate my perception of myself and my own bumbling trot through life.

No matter how awkward, no mater how oafish and clumsy, I want to be like that sweet little cow. Prancing with no holds bars. Running in my gawky form and apologize to no one for loving every minute of it.

I will chose to be a running cow, wild and free and awkward beyond belief.


Much love,