Birthday Lessons: reminders of beauty

“Happy birthday Mommy. I made you something. And wrapped it in barbie clothes. I will need the clothes back, Mommy”

As I attempt to unwrap the gift, her excitement overflows. I barley loosed the skirt the the wraps this masterpiece and she simply cannot control her self anymore.

“Its a rattle filled with crystals. I made it for you. And a crown. You can wear it, will you wear it while you write?”

I answer with a smile. Of course I will, my sweet baby girl.

Another set of feet travel towards my office. Banging hard on the floor. She is on a mission. The princess, she has a gift too. She couldn’t even bring her self to wrap it. She runs at us. Pure Glee has over her face.

“Mommy, I made you something too!!” She says in a voice that is definitely not meant for inside.

“Its a cat, on a leash and I colored it purple and orange. Like the sky, since it is your favorite. Do you like it?”

I love it. I love every bit of it.


This moment, Simple. But beautiful in its purity. How did it get so good?

This Life. My life.


I love every bit of it. The purple of the sky. The glee in her eyes.


The smile in his voice.



The tears of joy. The tinkling of the beads on the hardwood floor dropping from their homemade bracelets, while they craft in the early sun light.



The sound of his little voice serenading me with Mumford and sons. He will wait for me, he tells me.



This is what I was given. This beauty. Everyday it surrounds me.  what I have be blessed with. Everyday is a miracle, in my world, If I am willing to see it.


So, I will open my eyes.

I will decide to see it. Instead of seeing what is missing. Instead of thinking about what I want more of, what would make this better.  More time, more money, more life.  Instead of seeing the more, I will see the now. The beauty of what I have. The moments I get.

I will see what is right in front of me. I am thirty today, and ready to say “My life is beautiful and my eyes are fully open”


Much love,