Figuring it all out. 

Anyone else feeling a little lost in the hustle lately? It’s like the timeline is already set and I am simply traveling the train along the tracks.  Losing the sense of adventure and spontaneous clarity. 

I have been so concerned   where my life is going, my fear of who I am suppose to be, what I need to do to achieve it and where I need to go, is complicate and overwhelming. The who, what, where, when and why. The factors of a great story, potentials to create beautiful dialogue and narrative.  But right now mine feel scattered and displaced.

I am not sure what is worse, the fear of not knowing where everything is suppose to be going or the constant need to figure it all out. 

Figuring it all out. 

Nobody knows where it is all going during the down times. If we could do that the process would be lost, no?  The whole concept is to ride the wave. Fulfill the journey of where figuring it all out takes us. Hind sight allows us to crave that need to ‘just know now!’ but life pushes that away.  We are not allowed to just reach the finish line with out the race because the adventure is who we are.  Who we are meant to be is hidden in the shitty, swampy days. Trudging through the deep waters of our souls journey creates the people we are growing into. And we are always growing into ourselves. It is like our body is two sizes to small for our soul, and we are always trying to fit into its beauty.  

Make the race exciting. Be spontaneous. Smile and laugh. The race through the mud is the makings of who you will become. 

Much love, 




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