Lesson while cleaning the church

I clean my church. I took this job because I love my church and love quiet alone time. And I am learning that I love cleaning. I clean at the break of dawn. I pray and clean. I do my best thinking at this time. It is a wonderful and peaceful way to start the day.
It was time to wash the floors. I stared at the floors. They were worn, chipped and weather torn. They had seen better days. They needed to be sanded and stained. But in that moment they held a certain beauty in their imperfection.
They had seen many feet travel on it.Many tables and chairs moved across. Meals have been shared, prayers have been spoken. These floors have held important meetings of the heart. They have carried the joyful feet of fun. These floors have held up this church. They have been the base of a place of beauty. A place that nurtures, loves and creates joy.

The imperfection of these floors reminded me that life is like this as well, imperfect. Our lives are meant to hold beauty between the broken cracks in the floors of our soul. There should be light beaming through the shattered glass of our spirit.
Life is meant to hold our beauty wherever it can. The more broken we appear, the more opportunity to find mysterious beauty.
Imperfection is not failure. it allows us to practice the ability to any circumstance as it is. To see the beauty in all moments, even if unconventional. Even if it seems so hidden, the beauty is still there. Always. Because we will can always find spectacular joy in our imperfections. We are Unique in our special ways. With each moment in life we learn from our imperfection and that makes it beautiful.

Life is imperfect. Life is beautiful. You are a beauty. Always.

Much love,

IMG_0229.JPG This is my favourite picture of imperfect beauty. They were suppose to to sit and look at me, and smile. But this is so much better.


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