New joy brought with a 90’s playlist.

fire burning,
Incense burning.

Oldie hits of OUR past.
Creating background soundtracks to the scenes of our morning.

Kids screaming about spilt trail mix while green day with lyrics of days past. A life before them…

Seemingly reminiscent.
Moments and mornings spent,
Of our dreams.

No plan,
No inherent destinations.
Calm times with no dependency.

The came the arrivals of extra limbs.
And wanting.


But then ace of base came,
He saw the sign.
Without them, the joy of the sign is lost.

Our other baby’s spinning furiously.

A light shed on a moment of our past.

Then we ‘forgot about dre’
Soon remembered,

By her hip hop moves

Things may be different.
But a new view towards a fresh perspective.
Without them, so much forgotten.

Those quiet and different days of the past’.

Much love,

Jessica IMG_0261.JPG


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