Vibrant light: the beginning of 2015

We celebrated an amazing New Year’s Eve and day. Nothing extraordinary happened, but that is what made it awesome. Great friends, lots of food and drink and a lazy day. It was full of laughter, conversations and fun. Memories were made and friendships were strengthened. It was a wonderful 24 hours. I even made it out for a run with my powerful and amazing running team.
Over the evening hours last night, we talked about resolutions. My favourite topic. We all had a different approach. The most popular, get healthy was a big one. Some didn’t believe at all in resolutions. And some were as practical as changing the kitty litter more often.
I finally decided my resolution. My goal oriented resolution is to write a poem a day ( yes, that is right Miss Katelyn , you are stuck with my poetry). I received a beautiful journal for Christmas that I plan to write my ‘365 poems of 2015’ in.


And my vague life oriented resolutions are:

To do what I love
To smile more
To find more fun in my days.

It is gonna be a good year!

Poem for Jan 1, 2015.

vibrant light

The days are open.
To be mine, only mine.

Mine to decide,
Mine to create.

Filling them with
Joy and laughter.

Finding the fun in all the
Little corners of my life.

Creating adventures, and smiles.
Composing memories, forevermore.

Being that vibrant energy.

Filling the every pore.

Seeing the colour and being the light.

My choices,
My life.

Much love,


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