New Years changes, with the light

Christmas has come and gone again, and henceforth bringing My favorite time of year, new years. 

It is not that I do not love Christmas. I do. The family, the memories, the food, the beauty. It is all so intoxicating.

The awe in the eyes of our babies, 

so true, so honest. 

What joy it brings to our hearts. 


But new years,

The freshness.

The newness.

The potential it brings.

With the switch of minute, a new world can open up.

A new you can appear.

You can choose to make your life a better one.

You are invited to do so. It is a time a change, and the Sagittarius spirit in me loves change.


The Light, 

the drawing near to a truer you

Each year bringing a new sense of purpose and direction

like a map unfolding with the days

it keeps you on track

weaving in and out as circumnavigate 

your soul. 

Rest up, Recharge, Reevaluate

Its a time for change, growth and development.

Let your full potential shine through.

Happy new year friends!

Much love,



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