New Years resolutions and accomplishments :)

Tonight I read my 52nd book of 2014. I vowed to read 52 books in 2014, as my New Years resolution. Tonight I achieved that goal. I am so happy about it. I followed through with it and accomplished something amazing. I learned more about what I love to read. I discovered a newfound joy of reading poetry and rekindled my love with fiction. I enjoyed the books of bloggers and re read some all time favourites. I read humorous stand up and creature filled trilogies. I made reading a priority again. It was amazing.
I capped 2014 off with a book from my grandfathers room, a book about Christmas. The pages filled with stories I know my mother read to my grandpa when reading became to difficult for my literature loving grandad.
I am glad I vowed to accomplish this resolution, now it is time to resolve to better my life for 2015.
I know one resolution is to yell and scream less. This is a vague one but I am working on the logistics. I am not hived enough to think life with young children will be all sugar plums and candy if I simply choose to not yell. Yelling is cathartic and sometimes feels all to necessary. What I need is better solutions how not to loose my cool so easily.
But I have been trying to figure out some other resolutions of 2015…blog everyday? No more swearing?
What will you be doing for new year resolutions?
I would love to hear some ideas πŸ™‚


Much love,


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