New Years changes, with the light

Christmas has come and gone again, and henceforth bringing My favorite time of year, new years. 

It is not that I do not love Christmas. I do. The family, the memories, the food, the beauty. It is all so intoxicating.

The awe in the eyes of our babies, 

so true, so honest. 

What joy it brings to our hearts. 


But new years,

The freshness.

The newness.

The potential it brings.

With the switch of minute, a new world can open up.

A new you can appear.

You can choose to make your life a better one.

You are invited to do so. It is a time a change, and the Sagittarius spirit in me loves change.


The Light, 

the drawing near to a truer you

Each year bringing a new sense of purpose and direction

like a map unfolding with the days

it keeps you on track

weaving in and out as circumnavigate 

your soul. 

Rest up, Recharge, Reevaluate

Its a time for change, growth and development.

Let your full potential shine through.

Happy new year friends!

Much love,



Christmas tree

I watched the kids today eyeing up the tree as they snuck candy canes off the bottom branches.
Christmas really is for the kids. What better then to watch their eyes light up at the beauty of a deep green tree.

Lights brightly shining,
Drawing me near.
Prickles and pokes as you get close.
Ornaments luring
Shiny new toys.
Wanting to touch,
And hear the noise
As jiggle bells shake and Santa clause quakes
A tree shiny and bright.
Oh what a delight.
The majestic Christmas tree.
What a beautiful sight.

Much love,


New Years resolutions and accomplishments :)

Tonight I read my 52nd book of 2014. I vowed to read 52 books in 2014, as my New Years resolution. Tonight I achieved that goal. I am so happy about it. I followed through with it and accomplished something amazing. I learned more about what I love to read. I discovered a newfound joy of reading poetry and rekindled my love with fiction. I enjoyed the books of bloggers and re read some all time favourites. I read humorous stand up and creature filled trilogies. I made reading a priority again. It was amazing.
I capped 2014 off with a book from my grandfathers room, a book about Christmas. The pages filled with stories I know my mother read to my grandpa when reading became to difficult for my literature loving grandad.
I am glad I vowed to accomplish this resolution, now it is time to resolve to better my life for 2015.
I know one resolution is to yell and scream less. This is a vague one but I am working on the logistics. I am not hived enough to think life with young children will be all sugar plums and candy if I simply choose to not yell. Yelling is cathartic and sometimes feels all to necessary. What I need is better solutions how not to loose my cool so easily.
But I have been trying to figure out some other resolutions of 2015…blog everyday? No more swearing?
What will you be doing for new year resolutions?
I would love to hear some ideas 🙂


Much love,


Can I be kind today?
Kind to myself, kind to others, kind to my world.

Some mornings I wake up and really have to think about it. The urge to go back to bed, to snap, to yell are all to overwhelming.
Anger can be so intense. The urge to explode, lava pouring out with the words of feelings of frustration. The daily grind becoming too much to handle.

The list is too long,
The kids aren’t listening,
I am tired, hungry, etc
Money is tight,
My husband is preoccupied,
There is not enough time in the day.

The constant feeling of hovering over the edge. Swaying dangerously on the ledge of explosion.
It stays like that, waiting for that moment, the moment the release will occur. The yelling, the stomping, the crying, the screaming.
The tantrum.
In the moment it feels worth it, but is it?
What was accomplished? Really…

The high after release, then the guilt of explosion.

It can be hard to be calm. I know.

Tantrums are a tool in my adult tool belt. Inappropriate for my age, but I still haven’t grown out of them.

Tantrums haven’t gotten me anywhere efficiently. The slow down the progress, push me down until I can build myself up again.

So today I will be kind. I will be calm, and breath.

I will remember that it is never worth the tantrum.
I am stronger, smarter and better then that.


Much love,