Poetry: long conversations.

Today I had some much needed time to myself. Not doing errands, not shopping or tending to little ones, just sitting in the cafe with coffee, poetry and my journal. I read a great poetry anthology called ‘day into night- a haiku journey’ by Gunther Klinge. There was one haiku that stuck with me.
It was a fitting poem. I was blessed to meet up with many people today by chance, to converse and feel each interaction with my full spirit.

What a concept,
‘Life as one long conversation’
The ebbs and flows
The pauses and the breaks
The breaths
Problems resolved and ideas shared
Oh what a thought
What perspective it brings

‘Life as one long conversation’

Beginning to end,
Who chooses the start

How would I describe the conversation?

Am I waiting for it to end so I can rush out to more important events?
Running out as quickly as I came in

Or is it a conversation full of moments
Moments of appreciation
Of love
Of insight
Blessed moments
The warmth of that conversation overwhelms my senses

But just a true with a physical conversation,
The ‘life’ conversations are ones of choice.

They are chosen by me and me only
Like a choose your own adventure book.

I choose the speed, the context, the reactions

Do I choose to rush?
Or do I choose to slow down,
And enjoy.

Will I choose to find the beauty in each interaction?
Will I choose to find the beauty in each person I meet?

Will I choose to let go of the past and jump fully into the future,
And the future conversations that will come?

I do.
I do.
I do.

Not letting the past cloud my vision, choose my path or decide who I am.
I choose light,
Love ,
And willingness to let go.

Let go,
Let it flow,
Let it grow with me as I breath space Into my long conversation.

Much love,


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