Missie’s soap: A review

A few weeks ago I received a spectacular basket of soaps and body care products from Missie’s soap.  I was so excited about my gift! I couldn’t wait to try them out.

The soaps were beautiful. They were filled with color and beautiful scents. Looking at them alone was like looking a unique piece of art.


The scents were to die for. Unique and luxurious. I received tons of compliments when wearing my solid perfume or when I used the body butter.



I also received a felted soap. I had never used felted soap before. It has changed my life and my kids life. They loved the felted soap. They were able to wash themselves in the the shower or bath with out fear of slippy soap sinking tot he bottom of the bath tub. Ingenious!


The body butter is so smooth. Myself and my children suffer from eczema. This is by far the best cream we have found. It did not irritate or was not to thick to put on. Being that it is all natural made me feel great putting it on my little ones skin.


Missie’s Soap is amazing! She is an awesome woman who creates beautiful and practical art with her soaps and skin care line. I highly recommend catching up with her on Facebook and making an order. You will not be dissapointed.


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