Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon,
Rewind, decompress, relax.

Crunchy veggie chips and Christmas movies in the Toy room.

The house smelling of comfort foods.
Chocolate chip cookies, meatballs wrapped in croissants, chilli, and garlic bread.
In preparation for football and friends.

A Sunday afternoon dreams.
My family, my beautiful soul.

The picture of our home today.
A picture straight from my dreams.


Much love,



I pray

Its Saturday night, we just tucked in the little ones. We have started praying as a family before bed, the ladies have learned the lords prayer in school and we have been saying it together.

It has been reminding me about the importance of quiet prayer. A gentle reminder to my love of church and how the kids and I cherish Sunday mornings at our church, our spiritual sanctuary.

It has taken me years to figure out ‘how to pray’. How to find my own way to speak and feel that connection. Each of us having different ways of feeling that connection, of speaking and praying. Finding your own is the adventure of spirituality.

I choose to pray tonight.

I pray for you, 

that love will fill your soul. 

Light will fill your life. 

I pray for you, 

that peace will set you free

that you will embrace this beautiful world

with full color. 

I pray for you, 

that each day you find happiness, 

if even for a fleeting moment

its existence is never forgotten. 

I pray for you, 

that you will know your worth. 

And know you are meant to be heard, 

meant to be loved, 

meant to make a difference. 

I pray for you, 

that you always have a safe place to fall, 

A place to rest your head, 

a place to feel warm. 

I pray for you, 

that you will know that I am always in your corner, 

to back you through the good and the bad,

the highs and the lows, 

you will always have me. 

I pray for you, 

that you will see just how beautiful you are. 


Much love,


Poetry: long conversations.

Today I had some much needed time to myself. Not doing errands, not shopping or tending to little ones, just sitting in the cafe with coffee, poetry and my journal. I read a great poetry anthology called ‘day into night- a haiku journey’ by Gunther Klinge. There was one haiku that stuck with me.
It was a fitting poem. I was blessed to meet up with many people today by chance, to converse and feel each interaction with my full spirit.

What a concept,
‘Life as one long conversation’
The ebbs and flows
The pauses and the breaks
The breaths
Problems resolved and ideas shared
Oh what a thought
What perspective it brings

‘Life as one long conversation’

Beginning to end,
Who chooses the start

How would I describe the conversation?

Am I waiting for it to end so I can rush out to more important events?
Running out as quickly as I came in

Or is it a conversation full of moments
Moments of appreciation
Of love
Of insight
Blessed moments
The warmth of that conversation overwhelms my senses

But just a true with a physical conversation,
The ‘life’ conversations are ones of choice.

They are chosen by me and me only
Like a choose your own adventure book.

I choose the speed, the context, the reactions

Do I choose to rush?
Or do I choose to slow down,
And enjoy.

Will I choose to find the beauty in each interaction?
Will I choose to find the beauty in each person I meet?

Will I choose to let go of the past and jump fully into the future,
And the future conversations that will come?

I do.
I do.
I do.

Not letting the past cloud my vision, choose my path or decide who I am.
I choose light,
Love ,
And willingness to let go.

Let go,
Let it flow,
Let it grow with me as I breath space Into my long conversation.

Much love,

Poetry: Not even for me

I have missed you. Blogging has become a side bar on my to do list. I have been writing a lot but my focus has been on poetry not the essays of before. I figured that sharing my poetry was not worth it, but what the hell. I love this blog, and I will share what I write. With my 29th birthday upon me and a time for prospective, I have realized even more my love of the written word. I love to forming words into art. Art from my soul. I have decided to do some writing courses and started school again. Back to college (kinda) I go. No class rooms but online courses to get a certificate in creative writing, and I begin in January. I plan to share more on this beautiful blog, even if it be introspective and odd, like my poetry can be. But true to form, it is me, and that is what this space represents.


Day upon day, 



Putting on my many hats. 

My many faces.

My many masks.  

                        The urge to go back is looming


But I know. 

I know, it doesn’t really matter

                                                  because I cannot go back,

                                                                                            because going back does not fit anymore. 

The size has changed. 

That old hat is out. 

The new hats are in. 

                                 Kicking and screaming, My feet are dragging. 

                                 Back to a time of simple, curled up existence

Lost in my mind, introspective


                                                          egocentric soulful journey’s

Now a director of my world, 

                                            Become entwined with the energies around me. 

Doing the work that is required, being the responsible one,

                                                                                             With sense

                                                                                             With purpose

Its not all bad? so why fight? 


           Maybe be it the fear of adulthood, 

                                               Childhood innocence gone into the winds of ‘growing up’ 


                                                                                                                   becoming a mature mother, wife, daughter, sister

The jobs of my womanhood

Time changes all.  

                             It stands still for no one. 

Not even for me, fighting or not. 

Much love,


Missie’s soap: A review

A few weeks ago I received a spectacular basket of soaps and body care products from Missie’s soap.  I was so excited about my gift! I couldn’t wait to try them out.

The soaps were beautiful. They were filled with color and beautiful scents. Looking at them alone was like looking a unique piece of art.


The scents were to die for. Unique and luxurious. I received tons of compliments when wearing my solid perfume or when I used the body butter.



I also received a felted soap. I had never used felted soap before. It has changed my life and my kids life. They loved the felted soap. They were able to wash themselves in the the shower or bath with out fear of slippy soap sinking tot he bottom of the bath tub. Ingenious!


The body butter is so smooth. Myself and my children suffer from eczema. This is by far the best cream we have found. It did not irritate or was not to thick to put on. Being that it is all natural made me feel great putting it on my little ones skin.


Missie’s Soap is amazing! She is an awesome woman who creates beautiful and practical art with her soaps and skin care line. I highly recommend catching up with her on Facebook and making an order. You will not be dissapointed.