The stream that flows

Our love is a stream,
Slowly pushing and flowing.
A creek, with rocks that line the outside.
Trying to push back and collapse in.

Our love is a stream,
With dips and turns.
Rushing freely and with wild intention.
Sometimes predictable,
Sometimes intense.
But always moving.

Our love is a stream,
With a current beneath.
strong and pulling
delicate and soft.

Our love is a stream,
That can dry up.
On the hot and intense days,
It seems to be gone.
But it always there.
Waiting for the next downpour,
To fill it up and grow strong

Our love is a stream,
Pushing towards a larger body
A united goal
A joint love.
Finding a river to flow towards.
Finding them.

Our love is a stream that flows to their river.
Our love fills them up and keeps them alive.