Summer here we come: how I am letting spontaneity rule this summer.

Summer has arrived. The kids are off, camps are planned and days are busy. As a daycare provider and stay at home mom, everyday is substantially chaotic and busy. But summer seems to add a whole new dynamic to our current daily chaos.

Confession time…
Summer stresses me out.

I know it is a time of fun, rest, relaxation. Each winter we continue countdowns till the first days of warmth, but for me, once it has arrived I immediately get stressed out.
It throws off our routine and I will fully admit I am a routine girl. I am constantly looking past the late bedtime, no naps, extra treats, or the late parties and anticipating the meltdowns to come. I feel guilty about the lack of consistency to our days, the loss of eating three meals a day rather just grazing whenever we feel like it, or all the times I use the tv for some Mama and kiddie downtime. I am looking for the faults in all of the changes to our daily lives.
I find that since becoming a mama, I am even less spontaneous then I was before. I have never been a ‘fly by the seat if my pants’ type of person, but now it has escalated to a point of discontent. The idea of a late BBQ with my kids puts me in mood of anxiety and tension. It effects how I act, behave and respond to the people around me.
This year, I have decided to make a conscious effort in being slightly more spontaneous and not worrying as much about the negative outcome. Embrace the possibility of positive. Allow for positive thoughts, ask for what I want to receive. Releasing my fear of summer changes and embracing them with a full heart. It is a time of fun. I time to throw the schedule out the window and embrace our beautiful days. Taking our time to embrace our days, breath deeply and snell the roses. It’s a time for me to teach my kids the beauty of spontaneity (while showing them how routine and consistency is nice as well 🙂 it’s a time to have a good time. Let our guards down and have fun.
Summer here we come.



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