blossoming in the sunlight

Today is my girls birthday, my baby girls. 

Today is a day that goes down in my own history as the day it all changed. Forever, I will be changed by their existence. 

The moment I changed. The world opened up to me in a way I never have experienced before. The moment they were born it was like I became  a flower drinking in the sunlight on a spring morning. Moving closer to the warmth, to feel the rays penetrating my delicate petals. As I reminisce, I am drawn to believing that my daughters were my sunlight. I know this did not happen in an ‘all of a sudden’ kind of way, but more  of a slow and beautiful process. With each moment we shared together moved me closer to a full blossom. Each smile, Each touch. They moved me. They allowed me to feel the warmth of their beautiful sunlight. 

My radiant daughters were and always will be the light for me. They will always move me in ways like no other. Their beauty and power to transform me and our family will always be spectacular! 

Chloe and Charlotte turn four today. It is a beautiful day to celebrate two little girls who have changed me forever. My journey with them is the journey of my life, and will be never ending. They push me to be the mother and woman I was born to be. 

Happy Birthday Chloe and Charlotte. Image



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