Yesterday I went on a silent meditation retreat for the whole day. It was an incredible experience. Silence. For hours. My voice was stilled and the outside noise was minimal. My peace was refreshed.
I was able to do a lot of writing and journaling. We ate a beautiful lunch. I sat by a fire for hours. I walked the grounds of the retreat centre. The winter air and snowy landscape was absolutely breath taking.
I wrote a poem about the beauty and peace walks gave to me.


Breath in,
Cool and fresh

Breath out,
Misting over the blue pashmina

The crisp air tingles my throat
Cooling my fiery insides
Filling my soul with fresh clarity

The droplets form
Created by they synergy of winter air and hot breath

It surrounds me

It belong here
I am free here

Surrounded by my freedom
Giving back what I take
Filling up the buckets
That have been depleted

I belong here
Full and hearty
Awaiting love

I truly belong

Much love,




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