Breaking walls and rocking out

I always said I was not a ‘gym’ person. I always said I hated working out in a conventional ‘gym, that I would much rather be outside enjoying the beauty of nature while getting a good work out. I always said I would prefer a yoga class to a working out with weights or running on a treadmill. 

I was wrong. 

I still enjoy a great yoga class, a beautiful walk outside or a run at the park but I am starting to realize that a gym session in the early morning is exactly what I need. I don’t go for long, 45 minutes at the most. That is all I have to work with. I squeeze it in before Court goes to work. I put my head phones on and escape into a work of workout tunes and push myself. I look forward to the florescent light infused rock out session. It is exactly what I need lately. A place to get out the excessive energy, the pent up frustrations of the previous day. 

5 am. Awake and ready.

Bright Lights, 

Loud Music,

feeling powerful and energetic,

Ready to do anything, 

I am no scared; I was born to do this. 

Ready and willing to trample through the potential war zone of my day. 

knowing my mind and body are ready for the battle. 

Preparing my spirit with the knowledge that I am enough. 

Just me. 

Only I can do my job the way it is suppose to be.

Only I can break the walls and rock my life.  

Retreating to the gym in my early mornings has allowed me to see that I am enough. I am exactly who I am suppose to be. I just need to use the tools provided to me to allow myself to flourish into the best possible me.

You are confined only by the walls you build  


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