Mothers Day Hangover



I am suffering from it today. 

The mothers day hangover. 

Yesterday was wonderful. It wasn’t much different then any other day. I just felt different.

More then usual, I was full of admiration to my three babies. They were wonderful and incredible children. They were full of spunk, creativity and happiness. I was proud to be their mama. I was feeling powerful and strong. As a woman, I was embracing my strength and beauty for being a mama. I was reading powerful quotes and other mama’s facebook status’s about being blessed and joyful for being a mama. Every where I turned was another positive affirmation about the awesomeness of motherhood. It was drinking it it. I was feeling every ounce of love. It was joyful. I was high on the beauty of the world.

Then today I woke up this morning. 

Hungover and feeling woozy.

I woke up to a screeching baby  and two little girls who were fighting over a potty. 

“I need privacy!” Chloe screams.

“I am just watching you…Just watching…Just watching you!” Charlotte retorts in her sing song voice

“MAAAAMAAAAA, Charlotte won’t stop watching me!” 

“I am just watching Chloe! BE NICE TOOO ME”

Now this is all at 6:20 am. 

I was already a bit stressed as I had slept in. I like to get up when Mr. Kennedy leaves for work, about 5:30 ish. I find this gives me time to shower, get a load of laundry started and organize the plans for the upcoming day. 

Already full of self pity and anxiety, I stumble out of bed and pick up a screaming baby. He has seen me so he has intensified his screams to a level I am sure only mama’s and dogs can hear. I take this screaming bundle of joy to the washroom with me and attempt to pee while holding him on my lap. 

Once we are settled, we both stumble our way back to the ladies rooms. I plop the now very content baby in his excersaucer and I break up the first fight of the day. It has turned from anger and aggression to exhaustion and frustration. The wreckage now includes two ladies sprawled on the floor in a full out melt down. 

Good morning mama! 

At this point I am wondering why the universe is so angry at me? what have I done to deserve this? 

The rest of the morning seems to follow the same path. 

“Charlotte, Don’t you dare smash your brothers face in the ground!”

“NO! I promise you he does not like that”

“Chloe, Please put your pants on! No Negotiations! Pants are a requirement”

By 7:30 am, I was wondering how much longer it is till nap time. 

I texted part of my mama army to come over with coffee and help me to plan my attack route for the day. All I came up with was to simply hide from the little people. It wasn’t really an option but we had some good laughs trying to figure it out.

Coffee and mama’s. That was my cure for this hang over. 

Mothers day is wonderful. A great day to remember and celebrate the wonderful thing that is a woman’s love. All the love and support for mama’s and our tough job. But the fall down to monotony of ‘ a day in the life of mama’ from the ecstasy that is ‘mothers day’ can be a little high. Today I took the fall hard. 

I love my job as a mama. But this gig can be tough. I am glad I took in ‘mothers day’ for all it was worth. I am glad that I took the time to appreciate the beauty of my children. I just seemed to forget that this morning  my regular life would happen again. Today my day was filled  with more moment of chaos then moment of time stopping beauty. 

But it is ok, because in the chaos all I need to remember is that just around the corner a moment will occur that will stop me in my tracks and remind me of the beauty that is my life. 

With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood. -Isadora Duncan

Much love, 





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