Sing mama sing


Last night at yoga, we talked about singing and chanting. How it lifts your soul, changes your mood and affects the brain. We talked about the sound that comes from singing and chanting and its power to affect your well being on a spiritual and emotional level. It was a very enlightening class. A reminder that we have the power to change our outlook, we just need to look within.  

It seemed quite fitting, as lately I have been noticing the ladies asking me to sing more. Especially when we go for walks.  Our walks can have many moments of chaos. Four (sometimes five) preschools walking and a double stroller means I have a lot to do and to pay attention to. It can get a bit overwhelming at times. The requests for song seem to be more frequent.

‘Mama, sing the red robin bopping song like Gagu’

‘Mama, sing a song about flowers…’

‘Mama, sing a song about the birds in the sky’

‘Mama, sing about Canty-boy’

I feel l am constantly singing to them. I sing about eating, I sing about walking, I sing about how we feel,  I sing about everything. I try my best to keep up with their song requests. 

I even have noticed the gentleman I am babysitting also making up their own songs. They make them up, sing them to me and ask me if I like them. The latest was a song about sitting down and putting your shoes on. It has become a regular on our playlist.  It is now known as ‘Aiden’s song’. 

I sing because they ask me, ask and you shall receive. But I am noticing I sing even when not pushed to. My intuition goes to singing. Singing when I feel over whelmed, singing when I feel lonely  Singing when I feel frustrated. I am instinctively trying to change my perspective by immersing myself in song. The ladies instinctively tried to show me how to change my perspective. Their reminders and request showed me that joy can be brought to each moment, no matter how simple, all you need to do is add a song. They make me feel like my voice can lift angels. They don’t see embarrassing moments when they demand song in the middle of a busy store, they just want to feel joy by their mama’s voice. They know what is needed to change the mood and they tell me.

I am glad I listened. 


Sing mama sing, 

Sing to us a beautiful song, 

A song of joy and laughter,

grace and beauty, 

To bring back moments

that made us shine


Sing mama sing, 

Let your voice lift us

Let your voice rise high

keeping us free in the sky

letting our wings fly us home


Sing Mama sing

Let your soul be the light

let us guide you to our song


Sing mama sing




Have a joyful and beautiful day. 

Much love, 


‘Children need models more then they need critics’





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