Colorful angel


Color dripping

transcendent allure


wings gracefully lifting and moving

a tiny body living fully in the skies


the butterfly soars through the air

lifting the mood

soaring our spirit high


we mimic the joy they bring

by creating with our own color

our own insight brought to those precious wings


is it an angel, she asks

an angel with color and wings spread far


is it an angel that I see?

                                    she asks profoundly


the answer being no,

it is a butterfly

                      it is a butterfly that you see,

oh, she says perplexed in her common nature,

Her insight is blinding

deep and powerful

it comes bubbling forth


I will call it an angel,

a beautiful colorful angel


Much love, 



Grown men can learn from very little children,
for the hearts of little children are pure.
Therefore, the great Spirit may show to them
many things which older people miss.

Great Elk




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