beginnings of sound

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beginnings of sound:

beginning with the gurgles and lulls
murmurs of life
the beginning of your indicative sound

the noise while your drank
the ravenous gulps
thirsting and striving
the noise that demanded more

the flow of your breath
a steady rhythm,
lungs inhaling
breath flowing
ribs moving
the orchestra of your life force

My breath beginning to mimic yours
my sounds stay true to you
trying to connect
trying to attach

these noises I longed to hear
these sounds I held close

Early signs that you understood
hushed sounds showing me that you knew
you knew the truth to my spirit

Your communication to my soul
our connection,
‘mama and son’

These noises now becoming more dynamic
soft murmurs and quiet gulps
giving way to loud screeching and simple syllables.

yelping new demands for time and joy
speaking simple syllables
showing me you know


the beginnings of our words to share
the progression of your communication
so prevalent
so transformative
so powerful

simple sounds
powerful connections
constant communication


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