poetic inspiration

Each day I ask, 

“What was your favorite part of the day?”

The question posed to distract them while I make dinner, do dishes or feed their brother. A question to keep them still and connected with me. It saddens me that sometimes I don;t hear their answer. It saddens me to realized I move to fast to hear their answer. Ir saddens me that I miss the beauty of life through their eyes. 

I have begun to stop, listen and pay attention. 

They have begun to be my creative inspiration. 

My muses. 

Today, they told me their favorite part of the day was watching two spiders in the window. They told me they played with them, a boy and a girl. one moving, one not. 

Their words poetic. The joy seeping and bubbling from their little voices. 

I wanted to see that joy. Feel it, touch it, and simply be with it. I wanted to see the world their way.

Poetry can bring me their. Use their words as my inspiration. Use their eyes as my guide. See it all as they do, with the pure beauty that is the mundane.  



Waltz of the spiders

By: Jessica Kennedy


pressed to the glass,

they lay,


side by side, 


waiting for an audience


A boy and a girl.

Dance partners


spiders waltzing among the beams of light

Moving to their own music


We watched them

limber and fast

dancing gracefully in the noon sun


in their own world,

between the vast outside

and hollowed inside


they danced together in their own exceptional universe

and we watched,

with eyes of wonder

We witnessed their intricate entanglement


relishing the mystery of these tiny creatures

the mystery of the dance



 much love, 



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