The moments are in technicolor,
Vibrant and full.
My mind is calm and content, but moving in full speed trying to take it all in.
I am mesmerized by it all.
The color of your golden hair and and how it falls loosely over your ears and caresses your cheek. How all three of you smell so much like home. 
Familiar and grounding. 
A smell I seem to long for in moments of disarray. 
The feel of your soft skin as I touch your cheek. 
Unblemished and new, not yet affected by the harsh truths of the world.
The taste of the wine, the one you chose. 
Delicious and deep. 
Rich and Vibrant. 
The perfect compliment to our evening.  
These moments seem so much more real today. 
I am glad for it. 
Knowing that my truth is becoming more open and free. 
Knowing that when I take the time to nurture my soul, I receive these ‘gifts of the ordinary’.
The ability to see and feel my life in full form. 
In full technicolor. 

Food is beautiful.

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Much love, 


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