Illuminating love

Valentines day.
A holiday for lovers.

My lover, my husband, has never been a big valentine’s day contributor.
He does not seem to like to be told when he has to express his love. He likes to do things on his own time, at his own speed.
I completely respect that.

He is great at surprising me with displays of his affections.
He is also very good at being loving and kind when it is really needed.

Today is not my day ‘for lovers’.
Today is going to be a day for self- love.
I need to take a lesson from my husband and be kind and loving when it is really needed.
Right now.

I am my worst critic.
I am great at hurting my own feelings.
Self doubt and inadequacies riddle my mind, poisoning it with anger and frustration.
Today I am going to take a day to love me.
Be my own biggest fan.
Present myself in a way that shows the world that I know I am worth it.
Worth all the love the universe has for me.
I am spending my day loving me.
Teaching my kids to love who they are. To cherish every inch of their beautiful souls.
I am going to let the love radiate off of me, illuminating everyone in my life.

Let the love pour down.

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” -Charles Dickens

Happy Valentines Day!

Much love,


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