Princess at heart

In our house, the phrase “act like Cinderella” has become a very common one.
I use it, the girls use it.
It has become our shared mantra.
Let me explain to you how a woman who struggles with the idea of being saved has come to terms with her inner princess.

My little princesses were becoming quite rude. Hitting, stealing toys, yelling and bullying each other. The behaviour was wearing me down. I was asking them to stop, telling them to stop, yelling at the to stop, and giving time outs. Nothing was working.
I felt like I was the epitamy of the quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
It was all becoming a little insane.
I needed a new method, a new approach.
One day after a weekend of watching Cinderella (1,2 and 3) I had a epiphany.
I would use their love of Cinderella to my advantage.
I took my ‘guns a blazing’ three year olds and sat them down for a heart to heart. I explained to them that Cinderella was a very nice girl. She was nice to everyone even if they were not nice to her. She had compassion, patience, love and joy in her heart.
As I explained, they were gazing up at me with eyes full of pride and respect for the princess they love.
I proceeded to describe the step sisters. They were bullies and acted in very hurtful ways.
I asked them who they wanted to act like, Cinderella or the step-sisters, and to try to remember to ‘act like Cinderella’ if they felt like doing something mean.
They seemed to leave our conversation understanding some of what I said.
I even heard them talking to each other on how to act more like Cinderella while sharing their toys.

I was happy and a little to ‘cocky’.
I was on my high horse of ‘awesome mama’.
I was thinking to myself
‘Hell ya! You Rock! Nice way to squash nasty three year old behaviour! Mom of the year award should go to me!’
I was feeling pretty high and mighty about myself.
A few days later, I was in quite a state and losing my temper.
I was turning into ‘Hurricane Jess’ (a name my lovely husband has given my ‘moods’.)
As I am stomping around the house in a blur of frustration and stress, only passing these feelings on to anyone who gets into my way, I was stopped by my daughters.

‘Act like Cinderella’ Chloe whispered
‘Dont be a bully mama’ Charlotte says as she looks up at me

In that moment I was kicked of my high horse, covered in mud and humbled.
I was preaching to them, trying to teach them, all the while forgetting my own insight in my life.
Thank you my beauties for reminding me that having a little princess in you can be a good thing. Even for a strong mama.

Much love,



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