small warrior

The poem below describes my discovery under the light of the full moon.
During guided meditation I realized I was not alone.
The Healing can continue with a new companion.
Small warrior
Her clear blue eyes stare up at me
Tears dripping down her cheeks
She is beautiful
The pain is there
She is transparent to me
I feel her every pore
Her presences frightens me
Makes me feel in ways I am not sure if I am ready for
She tell is it is over
It is time to move on
Time to heal
The white dove has come
Made its home amongst us
True and honest in its existence
This is what she tells me I need
This is what I know I desire
Desire, I might but how do I reach it?
How do I get there?
She tells me she is here to stay
as long as she is needed
As long as it takes
I understand her endurance
I accept her love, for the first time
She follows me into the darkness of my psyche
The darkness scares me
She tells me ‘without darkness, there is no light’
Though she is small, she is a warrior
She holds my hand and strokes my hair.
My instinct is to hold her and care for her.
My initial reaction is to take all of her into me and fix her.
It comes to me,
In nurturing me, she is mending her own deep wounds.
Breath in, breath out
We grow
Breath in, breath out
I let go
We are on our journey
She is in me.
She is me.
My inner child.
Beautiful little girl.
Much love,
(Thank you Kelly for helping me to find this beautiful little girl. You are a gifted woman. Thank you for bringing us together.)

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