how it hit me.

We could have lost you.
As I drove home today with you in the back seat, it hit me. It is hit me so hard it hurt. All of a sudden I felt it. The pain of what could have been.
I took me 4 months to finally realize how close I  came to never knowing you.
What would my life be like if I never felt the warmth of your little body, never saw your bright smiles or never got to look into your clear blue eyes?
How close we came to never meeting you.
How different it all could have been.
I feel so blessed to have had it work out the way it did. I am one of luckiest people in the world to have your sparkling eyes light up in that special way just for me. 
Tonight I am taking a moment to thank the universe for you and for our fate.
I love you Canty.


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