Stumbling down your path

As I begin my journey into motherhood , I am noticing how much ‘stuff’ I am reveling about my self.
Motherhood seems to pull away the blinders and make you notice all the intense emotion you have contained in your soul.
Emotions we have felt before but seem to be amplified by the role of mama.
Motherhood brings out our intense sense of grounding.
We are forging roots.
Creating a family.
We have embedded our qualities and traits into another soul.
We are teaching this new life in the only way we know how.
We teach by our own emotion and experience.
We begin to realize that with the birth of our children we are writing the beginning chapter to a incredible story.
Our sense of instinct is intensified.
We come to realize the ancient secrets of motherhood are buried deep within our psyche.
Instinctive knowledge passed on from generation to generation.
Most of us doubt our instinct until we care for our own kin.
Then we know.
We simply know that we have the strength and power as a mama to know what is best for them.
We realize our strength as women.
We realize what power is held in being called a ‘mother’.
But as motherhood drapes down upon us, the power and strength that it provides for us is sometimes forgotten.
We not only realize the ‘awesomness’ of being someones mama, but realize the intense responsibility and stress that it can bring as well.
We have emotions and feelings that can be very hard to deal with at times.
We can get angry.
We can get frustrated.
We can lose our s**t.
We simply act out.
We can feel lost.
We can feel scared.
All of sudden we are losing our minds and can’t seem to reel it back in.
When all those feeling come out in us, we begin to  feel guilty.
Ferocious and consuming guilt.
Guilt that at times can debilitate our well being.
We feel the ‘mama guilt’.
Mama guilt is a strong guilt.
A feeling that can take us over.
And unfortunately we feel it too often.
For most mama’s I know, we feel it everyday.
Maybe not all day, but at some point during the day we question our judgements.
We question our choices.
We question our ability to be the best mama.
All those questions lead to our guilty feelings.
 When we feel guilty we begin to be hard on ourselves.
Mean to our inner self.
Judgemental to our souls.
We can feel lost in our own sea of self doubt.
I am hear to remind us today that we are good and strong woman.
We are capable of so much.
One of the biggest problems is that we focus so much of our attention on our babies growing.
As they go from crawling to walking,
murmurs to talking.
They move from preschool to kindergarten,
high school to adult world.
We watch our babies grow and cheer them along the way.
We love their growth and their stumbles.
We know that makes them the special person they are becoming.
But we forget,
As they grow- we grow.
Changing and adapting.
Becoming a newer and improved version of ourselves.
As our babies learn to walk, they stumble and fall down.
We praise their attempt  and encourage them to try again.
We give them strength to look up and give it another go.
We admire their resiliency.
Well today I am cheering for you- my mama army.
As you fall, and you will along the way, don’t be harsh.
Don’t feel guilt.
Don’t be mean.
Admire your own resiliencey and strength,
Get back on your feet and try again and…. 
Keep on stumbling down your own path of motherhood.
We will be stumbling along side with you! 
Much love,


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