The mom army

I sometimes feel like a lone solider trudging through the weathered terrain of motherhood.
The war torn fields of abandoned toys, half eaten lunches and dirty diapers follow me wherever I turn.
It can get a little lonely, a little scary and a little overwhelming.
But this morning after a late night battle of sleep, I realized I wasn’t alone.
I just had to look in the right places
I had to look to my Army.
My Mom army.
The ladies that understand.
They know all to well what it feel like to walk the deserted fields,
left in chaos after the battles fought.
Without words, they just seem to know my struggle.
They nod with understanding.
They know the look.
They have been there too.
They are clever and strong.
They know when to bring coffee and food.
They know when to step in with a lively distraction for a distraught child.
They know when a laugh will make it all better for that moment.
They know when to call or text you with encouraging words.
They know that even if they are fighting their own battles, a simple smile can make all the difference.
They are simply amazing.
Just knowing they are out there, just like me, brings me peace.
Knowing they are standing with me as I stand with them allows me to feel strength.
Strength in numbers.
My army is strong.
We can battle anything.
Sleepless nights, tantrums and meltdowns are nothing for us.
We have each other to help battle through the unknown.
We have the strength.
With every story told, every tear shed, every piece of advice divulged, and every insight seen, the mom army gets stronger and as do I.  
I am really not the lone solider.
I am part of an army.
The mom army.
“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” 
– Milton Berle
Much love,

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