my heaven

I have always loved mornings.
I am a ‘morning person’ shall we say.
I love being the first up, planning my day and getting organized.
Before kids, on days which I had no obligations (that line actually made me laugh out loud. I can’t really remember what it feels like to have no obligations.) one of my favorite things to do was wake up before Court, Watch old romantic movies, read my book and curl up on the couch. I could spend a whole day like that.
I thought that was heaven.
My perspective has changed.
Heaven now is waking up before my littles.
I love the way it feels to prepare the house for their immanent wake up.
I love to hear their soft sweet voices over the monitor and outside their door. Playing make believe with their special stuffies and comforting each other with words.
I love to hear the murmurs of an infant slowly waking up braving the big new day. Taking notice to the fact that he feel slightly empty, like he is missing a piece and he needs to find it.
I love the joy in their voice as I walk in the room. Each day it being the same, but as if they never expected me. The pure and honest expression of contentment to see me.
I love the look they cast upon me as I pick them up and they realize in that moment they have found me. The one who can provide them with your missing pieces and substance to fill you up in that moment.

I love how when I unswadled him from the tight warm cacoon, he stretches his legs out and arms up as if to say  ‘here I am day, I am ready to conquer you’ 

I love their smiles.
Wide toothless grin with a face that cannot not hid true feelings.
 A honest face.
Staring up at me right before he drinks away to fill your belly with nectar made just for him.
I love cute little pink lips curled up, looking so much like their daddy’s smile, searching for a new face to join the sea of happiness.
I love how we discuss our day, I tell you are plans and you tell me what you think.
I love how you weave together our new adventure for the day.
My three angels fill my life with so many new ‘loves’.
I realize now what my heaven looks like.
Much love,

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