My vow to change

This morning sucks and it is all my fault!
A little self deprecating, but right now I don’t care.
I woke up from a not so smooth night with Canton and I guess it made me feel a little “grumpy”.
I was trying really hard to pretend to be happy to be up for the day at 6:00 am, but I lost it.
I lost it on my girls.
Everything they did seemed to rub me the wrong way, and during breakfast I broke.  
I yelled, felt guilty and cried.
After my guilt tears, I finally composed myself and put on a “mom” smile for the sake of my kids and myself.
After breakfast, I was washing up Charlotte and Chloe, and Char says to me with a big smile:
“Mommy, you are not mean anymore.”
It broke my heart.
Yelling is mean, especially to my two year olds.
Right now I am publicly vowing to stop yelling, altogether. I am not going to yell anymore. It makes people feel awful. And do I really want that?
I know if my husband (or any of my family for that matter) is reading this he will not believe my vow as I have been a passionate yeller forever. But honestly, I am done.
I know breaking coping patterns is tough but I need to find more productive ways to get my point across and not take things to personally (like when Chloe and Char disobey me or not listen, I need to remember not to take it so personally and get so angry about it.)
It is only 9:00 am, so I have the power to change the direction of this day.
It is not going to be negative.
We will have a good day!
Much love,


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