My first month as a mom of three

Our newborn son Canton was born at the start of July.
It has been a whirl wind of a month.
He had a pretty traumatic entrance to the world, the poor wee lad. But he is healthy and content now.

But we could not be happier to have him here and healthy.
His sister love him.
They can’t stop kissing him and petting him.
Life as a mom with three kids is actually running pretty smooth for the first 4 weeks.

I really anticipated it to be much more chaotic.
I guess it really is perception.
I want it to be calm, happy and content so it is much more likely to be a happy environment when I act like it is.
Even at its worst moments when all kids are screaming, I strap a smile on and pretend it is all good. It feels much better then getting stressed.

I really look forward to seeing how our family progresses together and develops our grove.

With Cantons arrival I feel like finally we are all here.
Our family is complete.

Much love,


ps. I have not given up on a photo a day, I am just going to change it a bit. I am going to do my “favorite photos of the week” and post them on facebook weekly since the posting process on facebook is much easier then on blogspot πŸ™‚


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