I have been think alot about Identity. 
Who am I? 
Do I like who I am?
Is it really me who determines my own Identity?
I have been feeling very pressured by the demands of  ‘requirements’
It seems like what I am required to do for others is slowly defining me.
I am trying to be the perfect mother.
I am trying to be the best wife I can be. 
I am trying to be the good friend.
I am trying to be the appeasing and lovely daughter. 
So Why do I feel so resentful that these things are defining who I am?
I love my family and friends, why does it bother me that what I am fit into a mold with them is creating who I am?
Maybe I need to step back. 
Maybe I need to be just me (with responsibility) 
and the rest will follow suit. 
I can’t be good at anything if I am not true to who I am anyways right?
I need to honor the person in me. 
Speak with truth and conviction. 
Act with respect for myself.
Be Honest to the desires and beliefs I possess. 
I can’t make my life fit into a perfect mold. 
What I have around me is  life. 
Take it or leave it. 
I can’t expect people to accept me for the honest me if I am trying to get them to fit into my perfect mold with me.
much love, 

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