never a child like you!

I have been up for 1 and 1/2 hours and it is only 7:00 am. 
Come someone tell my body it is a holiday AND I don’t have the twins here today?
This morning Court and I are heading to Montreal to the  Premiere of the new movie “Goon”. 
We are taking the train and staying in a fancy hotel. 
We may be only gone for 24 hrs but I excited!
Even though I am excited to head a way for a mini-mini-mini vacation, I still am missing my girls this morning.       
(they slept at my moms last night to allow for us to get ready this morning)
It is like having a phantom limb when they are gone. 
I think I hear them talking to one another upstairs and I expect to peak in the their room and see their smiling faces. 
I just spend so much time with them, it is hard to not think they are trailing right behind me. 
So in lieu of my feeling this morning I am going to write a BRAG post about the awesomeness of my girls. 
(refrain from reading if you get squeamish with the words of an overly doting mother 🙂
I believe my children are geniuses. 
Common sense tells me that they are averagely wonderful 2 year old’s but  biased mother in my says they are spectacularly genius and clever. 
Take Charlotte for example,
yesterday we were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and we have slowly created a habit of discussing our day to come or our events in the day at meal times. 
So in normal fashion we are discussing our daily event and what is going to happen for the rest of the afternoon.
Here is how the conversation played out:
Me: After nap we are going to go to Gagu and Papa’s (names we call my parents) for dinner!
Chloe: GAGU!
Charlotte: PAPA!
Me: What do you think we are going to have for supper?
Chloe: PIZZA!
Me: Nope
Me: Nope
Charlotte: SAMMIES?
Me: Nope, we are going to have ribs for dinner! Daddy’s favorite!
Court: MMMM, Ribs! I love ribs. 
(in an excited voice to get the girls excited about the possibility of trying a new food)
Chloe: Chloe loves ribs! Chloe likes ribs!
Charlotte: Froggie likes ribs too!
Here I pause. Froggie likes ribs? huh?
That seems a little out of no where…
So I say…
Me: Froggie likes ribs? really….
Charlotte: Ribbit Ribbit….

I didn’t even let her finish I was laughing so hard!
Where does she come up with this stuff?
I truly wonder how their brains works. 
Though I guess this isn’t a stretch…
Because that make perfect sense!
Stuff like this happens everyday. 
I am sure all parents reading this have similar stories and funny stuff their kids say too.
I know this is normal. 
But watching my girls understand and connect ideas is so amazing. 
They are smart. 
They understand concepts and connections. 
It is amazing. 
I love watching they develop into their own people.
I am proud of what my girls are becoming. 
Wonderful, amazing and clever little gems!
The child must know that he is a  miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him!”
 -Pablo Casals 
Much love, 


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