Baby Brother

I can do a lot of whining and complaining on my blog. 
That is just the nature of what ‘this’ is to me. 
A version of my journal. 
A way to sort through all the crude and find the wonderful. 
But today I am feeling perfection
Sometimes this just work out perfectly. 
How we hope. 
How we want. 
Yesterday I had an ultrasound. 
I was lucky enough to find out that the little baby is (probably) a boy!
(I say probably, because they can’t confirm 100%. But the ultrasound Tech said she was 99.9% sure it was a boy!)
We really did want a boy. 
Well, we wanted any baby that we created but we were hoping for a boy. 
A boy evens out the dynamic of our family. 
It makes us all very happy!
This news of a little boy in whom his little sisters would like to name ‘Caillou’, has brought wonderful joy to a family  that could use a ‘February pick me up’!

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

– Eda J LeShan
Much love, 


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