I am going to be published!

I won a poetry contest!
I submitted my poem “Intuition a winter morning” to the Poetry Institute of Canada, and I recieved a letter today saying my poem is going to be published in their anthology.
My poem was picked to go ahead to the next level, and will be judged this winter. I have the posibilty of winning $500.
I don’t even think that the chance of winning money is the most exciting thing. It is the fact that I will see my poem as a published piece of work.
And here is the soon to be published poem…..
Intuition on a winter morning
Written by: Jessica Kennedy
The cool air fills my lungs
Travelling down to my belly
Deep to my spirit
Deep to my soul
It recharges,
Fills me with fresh clarity
I trust you,
I say
I will listen to you
Believe in you
Love your choice
How can I not?
You know me best
Oh how happy I feel today!
Much Love,

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