As I sit and write in my kitchen,
I feel the cool breeze of the coming fall air.
It refreshes me.
Cools my firing soul.
Allows me to slowly come back to earth.
Oh, how I love this time of year.
The slow progress of change with the change of seasons.
With fall approaching, I realise how important change is for me.
 physically and spiritually.

I love the promise of new days.
What is to come?
How lovely the thought of unknowns set before me.
How wonderful the idea of new challenges.
Change of any kind brings out so much in us all.
In me it brings out wonderment, excitement and joy!
Take hold of the power change brings!
live in awe of the coming wonders!
and you would accept the seasons of your heart as you have always accept the seasons passing over your fields and would watch in serenity through the winters if your grief
-Kahili Gabran
much love,