precious journey

do you ever think that we zoom through our days trying to get to the finish line? Trying to hard to win the proverbial race?

Sometimes I miss or rush the precious moments that can attribute to the depth of beauty in my life. I push through these moments rushing to the next one. I want to clean off my to do list, follow my scheduale and get the day done. I lose the appreciation of the simpler things in life, only looking at the big picture.
I lose so much by not paying attention to the process. The journey is just as important as the desitnation.

Today and further more I will not rsuh my life. I will not look past the moments that here for me to enjoy. The precious moments that ground my soul and teach me who I ought to be.

Stranger sit and rest and dream
the noisy milstone turns no more
before you runs the restless stream
that seeks the ocean evermore
much love,

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