Poser. Wonderful read!

I loved Poser: my life in 23 yoga poses!
It felt a little like ‘eat pray love’, a woman’s journey of discovery through the hoops of life, but I found it was much  more raw and real.
It also helped that the underlying theme was yoga and motherhood, two things that make up a good portion of my conscious psyche a the moment.
The author, Claire Dederer, is very honest on her views of female society and the development of motherhood through the generations.
The story takes a good look at her mother and how her parenting affected her.
It analyzed how she herself parented and how if affected her children, while continuously tying in yoga and is constant role in her life.
It was a wonderful read that made me feel great inside.
I feel that my view is biased as I seemed to relate quite easily with the author, but even if you don’t feel that  you can relate to herthe style of story is quite humours
 and real.
Worth giving it a shot!
The studio was decorated in the style of Don’t Be Afraid, We’re Not a Cult. All was white and blond and clean, as though the room had been designed for surgery, or Swedish people. The only spot of color came from the Tibetan prayer flags strung over the doorway into the studio. In flagrant defiance of my longtime policy of never entering a structure adorned with Tibetan prayer flags, I removed my shoes, paid my ten bucks, and walked in . . .

Much love,

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