when you get lemons, make lemonde!

Court decided to go to the gym last night.
He wasn’t going to go, but at the last minute he decided to go.
He had just finished bathing the girls and I was putting them to bed, so it was wonderful timing.
I had to hold in my excitement.
I didn’t want to seem to eager for a night with out him, but I was rev ed up for some alone time.
Some nights I hate that he goes to the gym because it means no time for us to hang out.  (He is notorious for spending 2 hours on his workouts)
But last night I couldn’t wait to have 2 glorious hours to myself to read, do some writing or just lie on the couch and watch TV.
I was excited!
The night was mine to enjoy.
Well he leaves, I get the girls to go to their cribs and….
This crazy loud noise comes from the bedroom.
I go in to investigate, I am expecting the worst, you see we had just put in our air conditioner.
Last year I dropped or old air conditioner out the window, and I could not live down another crashing air conditioner on my watch.
Well luckily it is not the AC. It is sitting nicely in the window.
Instead I see that my book shelf has fallen over.
The frame is still standing but all the shelves are fallen off.
The books are strewn about the floor and it looks like a literary tornado has landed in my bedroom.
No body was in the bedroom, so nobody got hurt.
Good news there, but now my evening has gone out the window.
Not only to I have to figure out what to do about the book shelf, but now I have to find a home for all this stuff.
My anal personality immediately got to work organizing. No waiting for Court. I was doing this now!
I moved the book shelf to the hall and anchored it (I decided the book shelf (even anchored) was to flimsy for all my books, so I organized my books into sections like non-fictions, fictions, self help, yoga books, child rearing books, travel books and only put a few categories of books on the shelf along with some picture frames and candles to make it look pretty. ) , I moved a dresser into the bedroom so the book shelf would fit in the hall comfortably, piled the books on the dressers,  and cleaned up all the dust bunnies that showed their cute little faces while everything was being moved.
It looked good.
I had a pile of books I had been meaning to read and kept putting off, but they are now sitting nicely on dresser enticing me to read them this summer.
I was able to donate a good number of books (I would love to be the person who collects books but I just can’t handle excess stuff enough to be that person)
It all worked out nicely.
As soon as it was done, I hopped in the shower and as I was coming out Court was just coming upstairs from his workout.
My evening did not work out the way I wanted but C’est la vie, I was happy either way!

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