Today is a day that wonderful things happen….

Because I have decided that wonderful things happen today!

What an incredible day!
I am without extra children today, just me and my girls.
That means I can take the car and head out on the open road.
I think we are going to head to the park.
Maybe Andrew Haydon, I haven’t been there yet this year.
We have to get out on this beautiful day!
How incredible it is to watch the world lift up with a fantastic day.
How happy everything seems when the weather just rocks!
The sun, the birds, the summer.
What more can you ask for!
No matter what today, Smile.
Nothing can be bad when you have a day like today.
Nothing is so bad when you can control your reaction and emotions,
and today make it easy to be happy!
Smile, the sun smiles on you.

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you
-Maori proverb

Much love,

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