books books books!

I have been reading like a mad woman!

In the last month I have finished reading “Sarah’s Key”
 I read “Something Borrowed”
I read “Angry Housewives eating bon bons”
and I read “Tales from a Yoga Studio”
I have now moved on to “Poser: my life in 23 yoga poses”
I have been really happy with all the books this month.
I already talked about Sarah’s Key and Something Borrowed, so I guess it is time to talk about the other two.
‘Angry Housewives eating bon bons’ is a fantastic book.
It made me thrive for more intense female camaraderie.
The book is about a book club that stays together for over 30 years.
Span from late 1960’s to the late 1990’s.
It show how woman adapt to the ever changing world around them but still maintain their sanity as woman, mothers and wives.  
I really liked how you got a look of how with each decade the world really did change.
But day to day life stayed the same, no matter what is going on around you.
It is written so you feel like you are part of the lives of all the members of the book club.
I loved it!
I would highly recommend it!
A wonderful girlfriend read!
“Tales from a yoga studio” is a beach read for yoga.
Think shopaholic series or anything written by Candace Bushnell, but for the yoga world.
It is about four woman who attend a yoga studio in LA.
Their common link is their yoga teacher, Lee.
It was very light and made me feel less attached to the characters then ‘Angry houswives’
(I like to read light books between the more intense read, almost to clear my mind from character attachments that I have developed. I tend to get to attached to characters in book that I love. )
It was a cute book, very predictable and very light.
I made me feel uncomplicated and happy.
I am now reading Poser: my life in 23 yoga poses.
It is non fiction narrative of a woman in Seattle and her journey with yoga and life.
It has been a while since I read a non fiction/self help book.
I got a little bored of the pretentious aspects of some non-fiction/self help books, so I took a break from them.
But this one seems different, it is really quite funny and down to earth.
I let you know more soon 🙂
Have a wonderful day!
Much love,

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