The melody of happiness

How often do you laugh?
How often do you simply have fun?
I don’t think I do enough.
Sometimes I feel like such a wet blanket, not laughing or having fun in the mundane activities of life.
I have the wonderful luck of being married to a man who thinks everything is a joke.
A man who smiles and laughs with his daughters all the time.
He has fun doing anything and is completly laid back.
He is the one who sings and dances and always seems to be having good time.
Then there is me.
The one who is always so serious.
So strict.
Always thinking of the stuff that needs to get done and stressing out.
Well that is going to change!
Right now!
Last night I went out to a hilarous movie (bridesmaids) with my wonderful girlfriend lindsay.
I laughed, We talked, it was fun.
I had fun.
I want to be the fun loving, dancing, singing, silly person.
I want to not stress about stupid things, like when will the bathroom get cleaned or who is going to vaccume today.
I know that this is going to be hard to change about me, my seriousness and anal qualties are quite instinctive for me, but I start today.
We always get a fresh start.
Each day is a new day to define how you choose to live your life.
Today I will laugh more.
Today I will have fun.
Today I will be a joy to be around.  
At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. 
~Jean Houston

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “The melody of happiness

  1. Good post Jess! I am exactly the same way as you. I need to incorporate more laughter and fun into my life. The good thing is, is that we have our little ones to help us make that change as they already put smiles on our faces and can make us laugh at the things they do as they are learning and growing. So Bridemaids, eh? I should go see that one then!

  2. definatly go see bridesmaids! I loved it! I know, it is slightly easier to have fun when you have the wee ones to make you smile. Still, it can be tough to remeber to stop being so serious….

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