simply, I love you.

I will never forget how you looked when you were first born
how you smelled
how delicate you seemed,
how you were so small that you could both lie on your daddy’s chest
how you would curl up in the crook of my arm and fall asleep
how you would both sleep in you bassinet head to head, curled up against each other with love,
everything about you was so precious,

Today I miss those little babies. Those soft smelling, lovely little babies.

You are growing up so quickly.
How are you already little girls? not babies?
When did this happen?

You have become so unique so individual.
You are becoming so clever.
Everything about you as little girls is so amazing, so much fun.

I may miss you little babies, but each day you grow my love for you grows with you.
My love becomes deeper and deeper.

I may miss the things you used to do like fall asleep in my arms and cuddle for as long as I wanted,
but just as much as those things, I love the new things you do,
like how you will search for me in a packed room to simply nuzzle your face in my neck, like you are reconnecting yourself to me. It is like as soon as you feel comfortable again, you give me a kiss and go back to playing.
I love how you smile and laugh and play.
I love how you move and dance.

Simply, I just love you. 

Thank you Chloe and Charlotte for making my life happier then I could ever imagine.

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