The pact, a teenage love story

I just finished reading “The Pact” By Jodi Picoult.
I couldn’t put it down.
I powered through it in 2 days, which in my world latley is record speed.

It read like a typical ‘Jodi Picoult’ book. It felt like I was part of a ‘made-for-TV melodrama’.
I did however like it. (I enjoy ‘made-for- TV Melodrama).

The story was was unpredicatable in a way the Picoult has mastered.
You already know what is going on and have a great idea what will occur, but she always reveals a vital piece of the story that changes everything in the last 3-4 chapters.
In my opinion, It was a deeply touching (yet sometimes unbelievable) teenage love story.
A story of the depths of first love and the anguish of those vital teenage years.

I enjoyed the book but could easily see how others may not feel the same way. Slighty pedictable and a little over the top, it may not go down s easily for others.
I didn’t think to deeply into it and just enjoyed it for what it was worth.

I do however suggest checking it out.

Much love,



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