I am feeling a little run down this week.
I get like this every now and again.
I feel torn in to many directions and need a break.

What I have usually done in the past when this occurs is tried to power through it.
Allow my self to get on through the pain and exhaustion and keep on motoring at a fast speed.

I have realized that specific method is not what works for me.

I end up failing miserably.
I try to power on through but end up canceling all appointments and events and wallowing in my own self pity and exhaustion.

I am taking a new path at conquering this, I am stepping back.
I am giving my body and mind time to heal and rest.
I am fulfilling my responsibilities with all the vigor I have but not doing anything above and beyond.
I am taking time for me and not feeling guilty about  it.

We push ourselves to much, don’t we?
we expect to be able to do everything.
But we simply can’t.
As women, I think we live in a world of guilt.
When we can’t do everything we want or need to do, we end up batting ourselves and placing intense guilt on our shoulders.
That is not nice.
That is not right.
We all need room to heal and rest.
We all need time for that.

Be kind to yourselves today!

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Much love,



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