My voice

I have been thinking alot about my writing.
Why do I write?
Why do I feel inclined to write a blog?
Why do I make my writing public?
Why no jt stick to a personal journal?us
Am i looking for approval?
Am I trying to be a writer?
Am I ‘a writer’ of sorts?
Do my words mean anything to others?
Do I want my words to mean anything?

I am not sure why I am searching for these answers.
Why can I not just accept that I like to write and blogging is a great venue for it.
What is this need in me to know all the answers?
Why do I question something that just feels natural?

What has come from all this questioning is the evaluation of an activity that I take great pride in doing.
An evaluation of my writing…
blogging or journalling.

My writing defines my existence.
Defines my life,
Defines my great loves, my hates and everything in between.
It creates a hard copy of my feelings and passions.
It allows me to reevaluate and look over the things I feel so passionately about.

I may be grammatically incorrect at times and my style may be off,
But I don’t care.
This is my voice and I will speak in the way I was meant to,
Honestly and from the deepest part of my heart.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Much love,



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